I want to do a room addition to my home, what drawings do I need for building permit to start construction?

Typically each city will require Architectural floor plans, roof plan, elevations, site plan, and details. Also, you will need structural plans detailing the footing, walls, and roof design. Finally, an energy Title 24 report will also need to be included to indicate to the city that your room addition complies with all California energy requirements.

I want to add a guest home to my existing house, is that possible?

It depends on the local city regulations and the restriction of your existing lot. In order to achieve this you must not exceed your local designated maximum Floor Area Ratio (FAR) while simultaneously meeting your required setbacks. Additionally, some cities will require an additional parking space to be considered on your lot, whether covered or not, which can pose limitations to your buildable area. Design X Architects will assist you in narrowing these requirements down and assist you to determine what is the most cost effective solution to add a guest casita that will compliment your house.

I have a building addition that has not been permitted and the city has given me a correction notice, what should I do?

First thing to do is contact Design X. Not surprisingly, unpermitted building additions/renovations are relatively common. Design X Architects will help you document the existing conditions and verify whether they meet current building codes. We will work with the city plan checkers and inspectors to seek the most cost effective and efficient solution to make the correction notice go away!

I have a great new retail business that will require a tenant improvement to be completed, what drawings will I need to get the city to approve of this?

In order to obtain building permit for construction, a tenant improvement project will need Architectural drawings that indicate a site plan, floor plans, reflected ceiling plan, fixture schedules, interior elevations and details. Additionally, you will also need structural plans, mechanical, electrical & plumbing plans. Mechanical and Electrical plans will include Title 24 reports indicating conformance with California energy codes. Interior design drawings can accompany this package should the owner decide to include this in their scope.

Will I be required to make my non-compliant restroom ADA accessible due to my new Tenant Improvement?

Most likely yes. Upon providing a Tenant Improvement or renovation of an existing retail facility, the upgrade is subject to 20% of the valuation of the project up to the maximum valuation threshold at the time, whichever is greater. Therefore, not only would you potentially be required to make the restroom ADA compliant but you may also be required to bring other existing non-accessible items up to current code. Such items may include adding a handicap parking stall, handicap parking striping, curb cuts, ramping, new signage, truncated domes for an accessible path of travel to your retail business. There are creative methods to get around these issues, but that’s where Design X Architects come into the picture!

Do I have to submit to the Health Department for my new retail Tenant Improvement?

Depends, if your retail business entails food preparation and/or service of food to the public, then yes. Health Department submittals typically take 3-4 weeks for review time and this should be accounted for during the permitting process.

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