The problem is “X”, the solution is Design X Architects. Design X Architects is a multi-faceted firm that can tackle any project from ranging from Commercial Retail Spaces to Custom Residential Homes. Based in Orange county, we provide premium designs to our clients in our surrounding areas and neighboring cities within California…

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Custom Residential Homes and Residential Renovations are integral with Design X’s portfolio. With numerous successful completed projects in varied city jurisdictions under our architectural wings, we have no doubt we can bring your dwelling vision to materialize. Our track record for repeat business relies on aesthetically…

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With the growth and high demand of ADUs in the recent years, Design X has taken charge and prototyped several options that can fit any site.  If those don’t fit nicely, we can certainly customize the design to tailor suite your particular lot.  With hundreds of these completed throughout Southern California, Design X should is highly versed in…

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Design X specializes in assisting business owners with bringing their commercial architectural endeavors to full fruition. We have over 20 years experience ranging from commercial retail shopping plazas, office buildings, retail ground up and/or tenant improvements. We work with our skillful consulting team of Structural…

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  • Consultation & Proposal
  • The Charette
  • Design Development
  • Construction Administration

We start with a consultation to discuss your needs, look at your site or building and assess the scope of the project. By establishing and nurturing the collective communication of ideas, it will ensure a successful design process. From that point we will put together a fee proposal for the scope of the project for your consideration. That often begins with a Letter Agreement for a stipulated sum.

Our team of architects will meet in the studio and charette your project to arrive at several design solutions which are then refined and presented to the client. Sustainable design is discussed and encouraged throughout the process as we ultimately work towards a zero impact building. This process can exhausting but an unbelievably productive way to establish a shared vision for your project.

The most critical step. We accelerate ideas, suggestions, and alternatives accepted during the Schematic Design phase with the goal of establishing a preliminary construction costs. In order to create and maintaining the project, we guide that vision through the design process as we address challenges, take advantage of opportunities and meet the needs of the project program.

This is when we make sure all of the earlier decisions are documented properly and by creating a set of drawings that clearly guide the construction process. Then followed by the most challenging step:  Building it. Today’s construction environment is much more demanding on your architect than in prior decades. It is important that our Architectural Team ensures project management continuity in order to deal with the myriad of challenges of today’s construction arena.